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Getting data 123

Automated data collection on the Internet is almost as old as the Internet itself. Although the term web scraping is not new, a few years ago this technique was more commonly referred to as front-end data analysis, data mining, web data collection, and the like. It seems that at last everyone has come to a…More

Regex for searh E-mail

Regular expression is a mechanism that allows you to set a pattern for a string and search for data matching this pattern in the given text. In addition, additional functions for working with regex allow you to get the found data in the form of an array of strings, make replacements in the text by…More

Regular Expressions Input

Regular expressions are a similar but much more powerful tool for finding strings, checking them against a pattern, and doing similar work. Strictly speaking, regular expressions are a special language for describing string patterns. Regular expressions are now used by many text editors, web scraping, and utilities to find and modify text based on selected…More

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